Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Home Sweet Home

It is true what they say - home is where the heart is. 
Returning to my home state has been a reminder of all the little things that makes home feel so special.

There is no place like home.
This is especially true if you are lucky enough to call Oregon home.
The east coast maybe where I live now-but my true home will always be here on the west coast. 
It is here surrounded by snow capped mountains, tall evergreen timbers, and white water rivers where 
my soul feels free.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice

Star Bunny Studio 2013

The best part of a cross-country road trip is the beautiful scenery. 
Over the last few days I traveled 3,000+ miles and have seen 15 states. 

Being that today is the summer solstice, in celebration of the sun 
I thought I would share a few of the colorful sunsets I saw while crossing the USA.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

Solstice is Latin for "sun stands still".  
It is the longest day and shortest night of the year.
The solstice marks the official start of the summer season in the northern hemisphere.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

 The summer solstice in association with agriculture has served as a celebration of 
reaching a turning point in the growing season. The longer warmer days ahead 
are vital for proper development of food crops. 

Star Bunny Studio 2013

During this time of the year the sun's rays illuminate the sky 
in ways unseen at any other time of the year. 

I hope these photos inspire you to get out and enjoy the summer sun this weekend.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Travel and Adventure

As a new weeks begins there is adventure on the horizon.

 This adventure is in the form of travel. In the USA summer is a great time to jump in the
 car and hit the open road. There is a lot to see traveling from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
 Traveling by car offers opportunities to interact and experience the country in ways that
 can not be matched by air travel. After all, perhaps the best part of travel is the journey
 itself. Changing the expected day-to-day routine allows us to begin to look beyond
 our own little world and see life in a new light. In this way we learn not only 
more about ourselves, but we also begin to see the bigger picture.
I invite you to follow along as I travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Adventure is calling!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Night Magic

There is magic in warm summer nights. 
The sunsets as the song birds sing the last notes of the day. The moon begins to
 illuminate the sky, signaling the creatures of the evening to awake. 

Green flashes of glowing light begin to rise from the ground and take flight 
in an amazing display that is nothing short of magic.

It is fireflies that are responsible for the enchanting light display that illuminates the night.
Being a west coast native these creatures are something I have never known until moving 
to the east coast. The hot humid summer weather here in the deciduous forests of the 
mid-atlantic region provides a perfect environment for fireflies to thrive. 

Unfortunately fireflies are disappearing all over the world due to light pollution
 and destruction of habitat. 

These creatures speak in a language of light. Light pollution hinders the fireflies 
ability to see the light flash patterns produced by both males and female of the species. 
Excess light from homes, storefronts, streetlights, and even bright car headlights make it
 almost imposable for fireflies to signal to each other - an integral part of their mating ritual. 
This equates to fewer firefly born for the next season.

Once dark uninterrupted fields and woodlands have been replaced by homes 
with landscaped lawns and bright exterior lighting. 
Landscaped lawns often do not include native plants and 
many relay on the use of pesticides. Both are factors that harm fireflies. 

What can we do?

Keep in mind firefly larva live in rotting logs and leaf litter. 
Removal destroys the environment necessary for these creatures to live. 

Mowing and pesticides kill fireflies. Leave your lawn to nature. 
Plant native vegetation around your home and avoid excess mowing of open 
grassy areas. DO NOT use chemical pesticides or fertilizers in your yard.

Reach out to your neighbors and community.
If you live in an area with many houses talk to those around you about 
limiting the use of outdoor lighting. Ask those in the community to avoid over
 mowing and pesticide use.

Want to do more? 

Check out the links below. 
Help to keep these fascinating creatures lighting up the nights with their magic glow 
for future generations to come. 

Monday, June 10, 2013


Star Bunny Studio 2013

June is a time of transition. 
You can see it all around you as the season transitions from spring into summer.
Star Bunny Studio is also transitioning. 
As we get ready to celebrate our first year online there will be some exciting changes taking place. 
First and foremost you will notice will soon become our official home on the web.
Thank you all for sharing in this exciting transition!
I look forward to sharing more of what the future holds for Star Bunny Studio.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Dusty Trail

Star Bunny Studio 2013

I love this time of year. The weather is basically perfect. 
It is not too hot, the humidity is still low, and the days are growing longer everyday. 
It is hard not to spend every free moment outdoors.
What better way to enjoy time outside than on a hike up a ridge line.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

The trail to the ridge line was lined with the blossoms of dainty bluets taking in the afternoon sun. 

Star Bunny Studio 2013

The trail climbs up the ridge line. 
From this rocky outlook you can see the contrast to the lush forrest below.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

Succulents are at home in the rock crevasses found all around the ridge line.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

As the sun begins to fade we follow the dusty trail down into the forrest.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

A striking pink trillium in bloom shines through the dusk lighting as we enter the forrest. 

Star Bunny Studio 2013

Under a canopy of the trees a white tail deer crosses the trail
and continues to walk silently into the woodland.

The beauty of the forrest is something that brings joy to all that 
take the time to explore it with open eyes.

I hope these photos inspire you to enjoy an outdoor adventure of your own this weekend!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chill Out

Star Bunny Studio 2013

As the days begin to heat up, a tasty way to cool down is with an icy popsicle.
These treats are easy enough to make at home. 
If you do not have popsicle trays, try paper cups, or ice cube trays.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

The best part of making your own popsicles is you can use any type of fruit juice you like.
I happen to LOVE tart black cherry juice.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

 If you are feeling patient it is fun to mix flavors.
 Black cherry and coconut was an awesome combination!

Star Bunny Studio 2013

There are so many flavor combinations you can create making your own juice popsicles. 
I hope this idea helps you to keep cool this summer.

Monday, June 3, 2013

June Days

Star Bunny Studio 2013

The warm days of June have arrived. 
The days are filled with the buzzing of cicadas, and the nights are illuminated with the glow of fireflies. 
These days leading up to the official start of summer are the best for outdoor activities. 
The quote above is a little reminder to enjoy the warm weather and reconnect with the outdoors. 
Have your lunch in a park, or go on a walk outdoors, take some time to be in the sunshine this week.