Friday, November 30, 2012

Inside Story

Star Bunny Studio 2012

Truth be known, I have a thing for bones. 
I am forever fascinated by hidden structures that create an armature for what we see on the outside.
When I saw the "Inside Story" exhibit in the small mammal house at the National Zoo I was instantly captivated.

Star Bunny Studio 2012

The exhibit not only shows actual skulls of some fascinating creatures, they also displayed x-rays of the animals. 

Star Bunny Studio 2012

It might be a strange connection but the idea of taking a closer look at the underlaying structure of a living creature seems to be a poignant reminder at this point and time. There is always more than what meets the eye.

I hope this inspires you to look closer at what lays beneath the surface this weekend.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On The Move

Star Bunny Studio 2012

Okay, I have yet to find someone who actually enjoys the moving process. 
However it can be made less painful with a little organization and planning. 

Moving offers an opportunity to simplify and pare down. Donate those infrequently utilized items that have collected in your home. My rule is if the item has not been used in eight or more months, it will not be missed. 

Color code each room, and mark boxes with coordinating stickers. This will provide identification and help to easily organize your items once in the new space.

Be mindful to pack delicate items with care and extra wrapping. Keep in mind boxes are often rattled and sometimes dropped in the moving process.

Take time to pre-pack a box of household and personal necessities for the first day in the new space. Include a shower curtain, towels, toilet paper, sleeping bags, pillows, paper towels, snacks, coffee, coffeepot, as well as toiletries, and any medications. A small tool kit, and some basic cleaning supplies will also come in handy. 

With these tips in mind I will be getting back to the moving game. 
Moving or not, I hope you have a wonderful and well organized day! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Week, New Locations, New Experiences

Star Bunny Studio 2012

Changes in life bring new experiences. New experiences help to teach us more about ourselves, and the world around us. Change is not always easy, but without it life would become boring and stagnant. 
 I am keeping all this in mind this week as I pack up, and get ready for a big location change. 
I hope the quote above inspires you to go out and find something new to experience this week. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Starving In A Land Of Plenty

Thanksgiving is a time of plenty in many households in America. We gather as friends and family in celebration to give thanks for all that we have. However, it seems to be more than apparent that there are a growing number of people that are going without. Now is a time to give what you can to local community food banks. You can donate your time, if you have some to spare, non perishable food, and monetary donations are also helpful contributions.  Giving back to others in our communities is a easy way to spread a little joy this holiday season. 
To take action and locate a food bank near you visit Feeding America 

Friday, November 16, 2012

A World To Its Own

The underwater world is one that is continually fascinating to me. 
 After spending some time revisiting this world under the sea I was reminded why.

Star Bunny Studio 2012

While the colorful fish are amusing to swim with, I am drawn to the 
invertebrates, corals, and sponges that thrive in warm salty sea water.

Star Bunny Studio 2012

I find the the textures and colors to be unlike anything else found on land.

Star Bunny Studio 2012

I was mesmerized by anemones and the way they gracefully dance in the current.
 I could spend all day watching life in the underwater universe. 

I hope these photos inspire you to discover a new world this weekend.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time May Change Me, But I Can't Change Time...

Star Bunny Studio 2012

Tis the season for change. The days are growing shorter. The weather is cooling. The trees are transitioning from colorful splendor, to barren bark. All this change signals to me that the year is coming to a close. This shift has me thinking about progression, goals, and what the future may hold. While I do not have a crystal ball, I am hopeful that the changes ahead will usher in a bright, and prosperous future. I hope this optimistic view point helps you to embrace the changes that may be unfolding around you.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Take Me Away

Star Bunny Studio 2012

Bitten by the travel bug - yet again. 
While the east coast was busy with Sandy and her wrath, I was off to find 
warm turquoise waters. 
This trip was one that was LONG overdue.

After arriving on CuraƧao we pick up our adventure mobile 
 a classic 1960's Citroen 2CV convertible, AKA The Duck. 
It was like a car that a villain in a James Bond movie would drive.

It was a bit rustic of a ride 
(no air conditioning, no power anything, and it had a colony of ants living in it)
however it really added to the island adventure. 

Star Bunny Studio 2012

With our island car gassed up are ready to go, we hit the road.
 Beautiful beaches at every turn, snorkeling with colorful Caribbean fish
filled the long sunny days.

Star Bunny Studio 2012
In the evenings atop a coral and limestone cliff in the company of iguanas we would watch as the day faded away. 
Star Bunny Studio 2012
One side faced the ocean, while the other side offered views of the lush jungle like flora. 
It was wonderful to get away from everyday life, and be reminded 
of how many amazing places there are in this world.
 Life it too short to sit in one place. 

I hope these photos inspire you to go out and explore someplace new.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voice Your Choice

Star Bunny Studio 2012

I was up before the sun again today. After a hot cup of coffee I was out the door and in line at a neighborhood elementary school to cast my vote. The idea of standing in line on a chilly morning was not totally appealing, but the importance of voicing my choice by vote is worth any mild discomfort. Being from Oregon this was my first time having to stand in line to cast my vote. It was also my first time using a computer touch screen voting machine. Oregon offers voters the opportunity to cast their votes by mail in ballot. 
While I prefer the mail in ballot - standing in line did give me a little feeling of civic pride.  
Go out and make your voice heard today. Cast Your VOTE! 

Monday, November 5, 2012


I have returned back in the states from my travels and adventures. Still jet lagged and tired my thoughts are caught up in all that I saw and experienced on my adventures. The above quote by Ernest Hemingway seems to sum up my current feeling nicely. I hope you have a wonderful start to your week, and remember to voice your choice and 
Vote Tomorrow!