Friday, November 9, 2012

Take Me Away

Star Bunny Studio 2012

Bitten by the travel bug - yet again. 
While the east coast was busy with Sandy and her wrath, I was off to find 
warm turquoise waters. 
This trip was one that was LONG overdue.

After arriving on CuraƧao we pick up our adventure mobile 
 a classic 1960's Citroen 2CV convertible, AKA The Duck. 
It was like a car that a villain in a James Bond movie would drive.

It was a bit rustic of a ride 
(no air conditioning, no power anything, and it had a colony of ants living in it)
however it really added to the island adventure. 

Star Bunny Studio 2012

With our island car gassed up are ready to go, we hit the road.
 Beautiful beaches at every turn, snorkeling with colorful Caribbean fish
filled the long sunny days.

Star Bunny Studio 2012
In the evenings atop a coral and limestone cliff in the company of iguanas we would watch as the day faded away. 
Star Bunny Studio 2012
One side faced the ocean, while the other side offered views of the lush jungle like flora. 
It was wonderful to get away from everyday life, and be reminded 
of how many amazing places there are in this world.
 Life it too short to sit in one place. 

I hope these photos inspire you to go out and explore someplace new.