Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY Fruit Crate Makeover

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One of my favorite winter treats are tangerines. The fresh citrus sent and bright color of tangerines bring a smile to my face on cold gray winter days. I have acquired a small collection of wooden fruit crates from my winter treats. 
In an attempt to get organized this spring, I started looking closer at the fruit crates. I noticed the shape and size of these fruit crates are perfect for organizing craft supplies, or creative projects that are in the works, and best of all they stack together nicely.

Star Bunny Studio 2013                         Star Bunny Studio 2013
Before                                                                                    After 

Get your paint out. It is time to get crafty.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

 I found that the original pigment used by the manufacture to paint the fruit crates was quite vivid. After two coats of acrylic paint the original underlaying image could still be seen. A top coat of spray paint was needed to completely cover up the outside. The spray paint also left the outside of the crate with a nice glossy finish.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

To dress up the fruit crates a little metallic copper paint was hand panted onto the outside of the four supports,
 and brushed along the top edges to add a bit of contrast. A little bit of glimmer goes a long way.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

The end result is a stack of nicely colored wooden crates that will help to keep projects organized.
 I hope this idea encourages you to get crafty and organized.