Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mind Your Thoughts

Star Bunny Studio 2014

What are you thinking about? 
What is the background noise in your head telling you?
Chances are, the thoughts that are floating around are not the ones that give 
warm fuzzy feelings. 

The quality of ones thoughts dictates everything projected from a person.
When we run on "auto pilot" we are not in full control of  thoughts generated.
As a result we may find ourself in a downward spiral of negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts creep in slowly, they might start small with internal thoughts like 
"I can't do this" or " Why is this always happing to me?!".
These small thoughts can start a domino effect of negative thoughts, and before you 
know it the negative thoughts are streaming in like a raging river.

If time is taken to actively control the quality of internal thoughts, the perceptive can shift.
Instead of looking at a situation in a negative way, bend your mind to look for a positive.
It is not easy, but it can be done. 
The long term outcome of positive thinking is far reaching. 
It is an amazing power, to turn a negative into a positive.