Friday, August 5, 2016

Unplug and Connect

Star Bunny Studio - Life Offline - 2016

The past summer months have been soaked with outdoor adventures, music, and friends.
As a creative person, I find so much of my energy is given away. It can be difficult to find a life and work balance. Taking time away to recharge is a luxury that is often times overlooked.

How do you recharge? What gives you energy?

These questions are some of the more difficult for myself to answer.
 It is easy for me to ask others what they want and then deliver on the goods. That is how I work. However, when I ask myself what I really want or need - it feels overwhelming!  

With all the ways we are digitally connected it is easy to feel that you are always on call. There are emails, phone calls, and texts that never end. It becomes all encompassing and exhausting. 

It is empowering to be able to walkaway from the screen. 
The most precious thing you can give someone is your time and attention. 
To unplug and consciously make time in order to connect with what feeds your soul is not just a luxury, it is something that every human being needs from time to time.

The following short film offers more ideas of how offline is becoming the new luxury.