Monday, January 23, 2017

Signs of The Times

An inspiring number of people hit the streets around the world 
with handmade signs raising voices to those who have commanded rules of
 oppression onto others. This was a showing that reminded us all there is power in numbers.


When people unite together it is a force. 
This is a force that must be used for the greater good. Love Trumps Hate.
Unity, Equality, Togetherness these are the policies that restore balance.

 We have a choice. 
We can come together and create change, or we continue to allow outside influences
 dictate what is best. Waiting for others to make decisions that directly effect your life is 
not freedom. If we do not utilize our rights, they will be taken away.

While some things have changed over time, many things remain the same.
Positive change towards progress in our world is something we should all work for.

Want more information on how you can get involved?
Check out these organizations,