Monday, April 29, 2013

Daydream Motivation

Image: Night and Her Daughter Sleep, By Mary L. Macomber, 1902. American Art Smithsonian Renwick Gallery
The start of a new week has arrived, and the end of April is near. 
Watching as the overcast sky give way to April showers that fall gently on the new greens of spring, 
it is easy to get lost in a daydream like state. 
The quote above illuminates the benefit of dream thoughts. In dreamy thought anything is possible, it is a reality we can control. These thoughts can give way to ideas that have the capability of changing our view on what we want out of reality. By taking a closer look at what our dream thoughts are telling us we can gain insight on what we would like to achieve. If we have a clear vision of our goals it becomes much easier to design a road map to achieve success and turn our dreams into reality.

I hope this idea inspires you take some time to listen to your what your dreams are inspiring this week.