Monday, March 17, 2014

Positive Focus

Star Bunny Studio 2014

Diverting attention to distractions is the easiest way to become sidetracked. 
Distractions come in many forms, one of the hardest to ignore are other people.
Many people may have good intentions, but what is right for one is not right for all.

We all have that family member or friend who we may love, but is just not good for us. 
      The person who depends on others to do things they could easily do for themselves. 
         The person who to talks negatively about others. 
           The person who always makes the wrong choices.
  The person who has substance abuse issues. 
  The person who clings to abusive situations.
The person who is destructive and abusive.

We all want to best for those we care about. A simple fact remains, 
Try as you may - there is only one person you can change. 
That person is you.

Determination and focus are critical tools that will help us to meet our goals.
Your thoughts are important, shine through the darkness. 
Do not allow other people to hinder your own personal progress