Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Know That In September....

Star Bunny Studio 2013

Honestly, September was once one of my favorite months. 
I enjoy the feeling of change and the excitement of filling every last second with memories of summer. 
I created this design just before everything changed.

Now September is one of my most difficult months. 
It marks the start of the birthday and death anniversaries of my father, sister, nephew and mother. 

My father and sister had the same birthday of September the third. 
My dad loved german chocolate cake and my sister loved cheesecake. 
This date was always the last grand celebration of summer. 
Everything changed when my father died unexpectedly of Leukemia eight days after his 61st birthday. 
This event lead to an immediate domino effect of death and the loss of my biological family.

The quote above means more than ever before. As I now find my self actually wandering through the
 warm winds of summer wreckage, and learning to welcome the ghost like memories of a family lost.