Monday, July 22, 2013

The Oregon Adventure Continues

Star Bunny Studio 2013

  Back In The Car, 
The Adventure Continues...

Star Bunny Studio 2013

After getting some much needed rest and relaxation in Parkdale, we jumped back in
 the car. With Excitement in the air, we headed to the old stomping grounds of 
Eugene, Oregon.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

No matter how long I stay away Eugene, is a town that will always be home. 
Eugene is a town like absolutely no other.
 It is alive with possibilities of fun, and openly welcomes creative open minded people.
On this visit we stayed for a few days, and stuck to the four areas of town.
On our first day in town, we made tracks around the Cuthbert and Whiteaker districts.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

We arrived in town for a show at The Cuthbert Amphitheater.

Star Bunny Studio 2013

The Cuthbert Amphitheater is an outdoor venue with a few unique features. 
Cuthbert is nested in the trees of Alton Baker park. Alton Baker park is located 
on the shore of the Willamette River. The river winds it's way around the park. 
Many creeks feed into the Willamette River, like this one behind Cuthbert. 
Here many people with kayaks and canoes gather to float on the water, and hear 
the music drift through the summer air.

As the sun stated to set, the band we had come to see Beats Antique took the stage.
The music is best described as electronica meets world fusion.

Photo Credit Beats Antique

The amazing Zoe Jakes mesmerized the crowd as she interpreted the music in 
tribal fusion dance. It was inspiring to say the least.

You cannot visit a brew town like eugene without sampling a few "barley sodas".
My all time favorite brewery is Ninkasi.

Photo Credit Joni Kabana

We where fortunate enough to be invited to the Ninkasi brewery after the show 
for a tour and tasting. 

Photo Credit Joni Kabana

Ninkasi has grown in size and popularity over the last three years since I was last
 in Eugene. 

In 2012, Ninkasi sold 68,193 barrels of Ninkasi craft beer, which is equal to 
136,366 kegs, or 16,909,384 pints! 

Ninkasi knows how to brew a fine ale. So fine in fact, that I could not pick a favorite!
 I narrowed it down to a top four. 

It was a tie for the best IPA, between "Tricerahops" and "Total Domination". 
Honestly, you cannot go wrong with either one!
The seasonal "Spring Reign" is an ale that is so refreshing I could drink it all day, everyday. 
For those times when you need a meal in a bottle, nothing can beat "Oatis" a deliciously
malty oatmeal stout. 

Star Bunny Studio 2013

There are new brews constantly being added to the Ninkasi product line. 
You can keep up to date by following the fun and informative Nikiasi Blog.

After all that beer, it was time to find some food.
Luckily there is no shortage of good food late into the night in Eugene.

Photo Credit Izakaya Meiji

Many new restaurants have opened their doors in the time I have been away.
We walked from Nikaiasi to Izakaya Meiji, or Meiji's for short. 
We got a table outside on the patio. 
All seven of us proceeded to order a hamburger and fries. 
All seven of us ate every last bite. 
Completely stuffed, we proceeded to Sam Bonds Garage.

Photo Credit Sam Bonds Garage

Sam Bonds Garage is a neighborhood bar, with a great stage for performers.
By this time the bar was closed. However, we had friends that had played a show 
 that evening, and had an invitation to stop in after hours. 
Sam Bonds has a great laid back atmosphere that is always refreshing. 
My favorite part is the backyard area. It feels like home away from home, 
and you are always guaranteed to have a few unique conversations!

Our night did not end there - However, this blog post will.
There is much more to this Oregon experience!
Follow along as we make our way to the Pacific ocean, to explore the Oregon Coast.