Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Mid-Week Pick Me Up

Daydreamers Sky  photo by Star Bunny Studio 2012

The week is about halfway over, or so the optimist in my mind tells me. If your week is feeling anything like mine you are in need of a Mid-Week Pick Me Up.  
Do You Daydream? 

I find some of my more creative ideas have been inspired by time spent daydreaming. I believe that creative thought requires adequate time to develop ideas and create the subsequent plans for action in order to be executed properly. The simple act of daydreaming allows your brain time to process information and form creative ideas. In many workplaces today it seems to be common practice to rush the creative process. Work is always on a tight deadline and "The Sooner, The Better" has become the motto. It can be difficult to give yourself time to be inspired. However I strongly believe that time spent daydreaming is never time wasted. So, do yourself a favor - Take a few minuets to stare into the clouds, watch the trees blow in the wind, take a few deep breaths, and rejuvenate your creative side.

Printable Mid-Week Inspiration By Star Bunny Studio

The image above is available for you to print and hang up in your work space.
 Let it serve as a reminder to take time out to allow creative ideas to develop by daydreaming. 

The writing is by the great American poet Edgar Allen Poe. I used Harrington as the font. I utilized the path tool to achieve the curved text lines. I wanted the text to take center stage on this design, so I thought I would make the text mimic long tail feathers. The illustration I created in Illustrator is a quick peacock bird sketch, I wanted to give it a modern simplistic, art nouveau like feel. I chose to use a summer color pallet of royal blue, grass green, and finished it off with a pop of sunny yellow.