Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Motivation

Quote by Henry Ford  Star Bunny Studio 2012

A new week is underway, and with it brings a wave of goals to be accomplished. 

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to even think about how many tasks are at hand. Managing time effectively is key, prioritizing weekly activities helps to keep the ball rolling.

How do you organize your daily activities? 

I am a list person. I find it not only offers me a visual way to organize tasks, it also gives me a small motivating boost as I check off items  accomplished on my list. List are also a helpful tool to help maintain focus on what needs to be accomplish and not get lost in all that needs to be done at once. 

Anyway you slice it, productivity is always the name of the game. 
I wish you a productive start to the week!

 The quote above is one of American industrialist Henry Ford. I chose this quote because of the call to action it brings with it. I wanted the message in this statement to ring clear, so I focused on creating contrast in the relationship between two fonts. The piece starts with use of the font Madison Square. I deleted the fill, and outlined the font with a vivid magenta to intensify the busy feeling created by the linerar lines featured in this font. The next line starts with use of Rockwell Extra Bold. Again, I deleted the fill and outlined the font, this time in a bright orange. The color pallet of Magenta, Orange, and Cyan placed in stark white space gives a bright optimistic feeling. While the white background reinforces white space and gives a feeling of fresh newness. 

I hope this piece gives you a fresh optimistic feeling to your day.